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We were delighted to be featured in the Edinburgh Evening News this week.  The article outlined our new physio clinic at Mortonhall Golf Club on the South side of Edinburgh.  Along with our Prestonfield clinic, this is one of our two locations, offering physio, massage, Pilates and our gym for physiotherapy rehab and golf training.

We have found it extremely beneficial to base our clinics in these fantastic locations.  Both Prestonfield and Mortonhall offer free on site parking for our patients, a plus when you may be coming for a few weeks.  Searching for parking was always a bug bear of mine when I had to go to the dentist or a similar appointment.

Along with keeping the membership fit and healthy, most of our patients are from out with these golf clubs.  We sometimes are asked if we only treat the members, but we are open to all who need our help.  The clubs are a superb place to base ourselves, with convenient locations on the South Side of Edinburgh, in lovely surroundings and with great facilities in both of our clinics.

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