Comprehensive physiotherapy assessment & treatment of your issues including regular aches and pains, sporting injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation.


All of our physios are highly skilled and educated to Post Graduate level with a minimum of 15 years experience.  When coming to Kinetic you are guaranteed to be seen by a clinical specialist.  We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of care from our experienced team.

At Kinetic, physiotherapy is about much more than pain or symptom relief.  We aim to get to the root cause of your symptoms and allow you to return to doing the activities that you love participating in.  We will also ensure that you have put in place a comprehensive management strategy to prevent recurrence of your problem.

Our physios are Chartered and registered with the Health Care Professions Council and all major insurance companies.

What to expect…

Our clinicians will take a detailed history of your problem, allowing them to understand what your main issues are and what affect they have on you.

Comprehensive assessment that will identify the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Provision of a clear diagnosis.

Advice on the most evidence-based methods to address your issue.

Hands on manual therapy to ease acute pain and joint stiffness.

An exercise program tailored to your specific needs, with videos to follow, accessible on an App or computer.

Regular Physiotherapy


You may have back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, a sore hip or knee, shoulder pain, Achilles tendinopathy, a muscle tear, ligament strain, plantar fasciitis, neck pain or pain in your hand/wrist.  If it hurts, we can probably help.

Our highly skilled physios will recognise the history and presentation of all of these conditions.  You may not be sure how to manage it best, but you can rest assured that we know exactly what to do.

We follow the research evidence to help you recover from them as quickly as possible.  This will involve some hands on treatment for pain relief, combined with the appropriate exercises for your issue.  We will also look at task specific positioning, movement patterns and any other associated lifestyle factors.

After your first appointment you will leave knowing exactly where your pain is coming from, what may have caused it in the first place, how to manage it through movement and exercise and you will know exactly what to do and what not to do.


Sports Injuries

Our clinicians have experience in a wide range of sports at all levels from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors.  We will endeavour to help you return to your chosen sport as quickly as possible.

At Kinetic we view sports injuries differently.  We will not only get you back to participation.  We will apply the most recent sports science principles that shows increasing your strength enables you to improve your overall capacity which can allow you to train and perform for longer.  Published evidence also shows that getting stronger reduces your injury risk.  Furthermore, increased capacity to train may lead to performance gains in your chosen sport.  We have invested in top of the range gym equipment to facilitate this process.

However, at Kinetic, we realise that lifting weights is not for everyone.  We will tailor your rehab and training program accordingly to achieve your desired outcomes.

To facilitate end stage sports rehab, we need to be able to accurately measure muscle strength, power and functional movements.   For this we use innovative technology previously limited to elite sporting teams.  VALD are world leaders in producing equipment to analyse human movement.  Our clinicians have access to VALD ForceDecks and DynaMos to precisely assess you across a wide range of specific movement and strength tests, while monitoring your change over time.  Having access to this information allows data driven decision making, allowing our clinicians to optimise your training program.


Post Operative Rehab

Our team of clinicians have extensive experience rehabilitating all forms of orthopaedic conditions.  We have gym facilities on site and use innovative devices to measure progress over time to ensure you get the best outcome from your surgery.  We have great links to orthopaedic consultants and can liaise with them when required.




Our state of the art gym will aid your rehabilitation back to your chosen sport/activity. Our Prestonfield clinic also contains a full range of gym equipment.