Our specialised physiotherapy service to help those with neurological and mobility conditions in their own home.


At Kinetic Physio we provide a professional and friendly home physiotherapy service for those who need rehabilitation in their own home.  Perhaps you are looking at this service for yourself or for a family member.  Our mission is to help the patient maintain their independence and to get the most out of life.  For one patient that could be to stay safe and independent at home, for another it could be to be able to keep up with the grandkids.   Facilitating this can have a massive impact on a patient’s quality of life, which is a very rewarding part of our job.

We’re sure you’ll have lots of questions about this service.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can have a conversation about how we can help you or your family member.

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Home from hospital

Often when someone returns home from a period in hospital, they have become much weaker and less steady on their feet, increasing their risk of falls.  Unfortunately, most people in this situation do not receive the ideal rehabilitation to regain their strength, balance, stamina and most importantly, their independence.  It is a relief to return home from hospital, but this is not the end of the journey, it should be the start of your rehabilitation to return to your full potential.  Our home physiotherapy service will help you achieve your rehab goals.

After a stroke

There are many different types of stroke and many different levels of severity.  It is vitally important to receive specialist rehabilitation to maximise the nerve and muscle function.  Helping an arm to function with activities of daily living or helping to improve your walking pattern.  Potential recovery will vary from one stroke to another, a full stroke assessment by our physios who are specially trained in neurological physiotherapy will formulate a rehab plan to help you reach your full potential and realise your goals.

After a hip or knee replacement

On discharge from hospital after your hip or knee replacement, it is very beneficial to have ongoing physiotherapy to progress your exercises and continue your gait re-education.  Building your strength back up with a graded exercise program will allow you to return to a much higher level of function and get back to your hobbies.  Whether that is playing with the grandchildren, doing the gardening, playing golf, walking the dog on uneven ground or simply to head into town to meet friends for lunch.  You may be able to attend our clinic for rehab, or if your mobility is not quite ready for this our at home physio service is an ideal solution.

Simply experiencing a decrease in your mobility/balance/confidence

This can be a common occurrence for many reasons.  We lose roughly 10% of our muscle strength every decade from the age of 40 onwards.  Decreasing leg strength and decreasing balance mechanisms are the number one cause of falling.  Subsequently, falling and fracturing your femur (thigh bone) can lead to several co-morbidities.  Reducing the chances of falling is vital for these reasons.  Thankfully, research shows that a graded leg strengthening program combined with balance exercises is effective at reducing the chance of falling.  We can advise as to exactly what exercises are right for you and progress these at the appropriate pace.  If your decrease in confidence is more related to the outdoors it is no problem to concentrate on outdoor mobility.

Physio at home sessions

Your first session will typically last 60 minutes – £85
We will take a full history, perform a full physiotherapy assessment, give you the appropriate exercises to do and outline the plan for the progression of your treatment.

Follow up sessions typically last 45 minutes – £75
We will assess to see which of your exercises could be progressed and will work on things like the stairs or outdoor mobility.  We may also investigate issues surrounding use of the bath/kitchen/bed depending on the level of your mobility.  We have worked closely with occupational therapists in the past so can advise on household adaptations and point you in the right direction for making any changes.

Still unsure if you need our service?

Please don’t hesitate to email or phone our At Home Physio Felicity, who would be delighted to chat through your situation.  She will advise as to whether your problem is one that she can help with.

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