From golf injuries to Tour level physical screening & training processes, we help golfers of all levels.



There are key components to screening a golfer: movement, strength & explosive strength.  You must combine all of these factors to have an efficient and repeatable swing that enables you to generate clubhead speed, while minimising the risk of injury.

At Kinetic we use industry leading evidence-based methods and equipment to physically screen a golfer.  We can liaise with your teaching professional regarding the outcomes of your screening.  Following your screening you will have a clear understanding of where you can improve physically to aid your golfing performance and enjoyment.  You will have an exercise program to follow on our App with videos to ensure correct exercise technique.  We can then review changes over time as you improve.

For the injured golfer, we have extensive experience in treating both amateur and professional golfers.  The mechanics of the golf swing create large amounts of rotational torque (force) through numerous areas of the body.  This combined with the overload of play and practice can lead to pain and dysfunction which is very specific to golf.


Movement – £100
We will analyse every aspect of your movement in relation to the golf swing.  Neil will put a golfer through the Titleist Performance Institute movement screen.  Pete will provide a golf specific movement screening as performed on the European Tour Performance Institute.  Both of these approaches will give you a clear analysis of where you move well and where you need to improve.

You will be provided with a bespoke targeted exercise program to help you achieve your goals.

Force Plate Assessment – £100
Published research has shown that the higher the force you can generate with your legs to push through the floor and the speed at which you can deliver this force, the higher your capacity for generating clubhead speed. The higher your clubhead speed, the further you are able to hit the ball.

At Kinetic we use the same technology as used on The DP World Tour (European Tour).  We are able to provide the same testing procedures as used by Tour Professionals.  From the results of this testing we are able to give you a tailored exercise program appropriate to your level, allowing you to build strength and explosive strength.  This will improve your potential to hit the ball further.

There is also substantial research showing the benefits of strength training with regards to injury prevention.  The aim of this process is that you will be able to play and practice for longer, and more frequently, without breaking down with injury.


The Injured Golfer

If you are frustrated that pain is affecting your golf or preventing you from playing we will diagnose your injury and identify the cause of this problem and provide a solution to your issue.  The golf swing is a very complex biomechanical movement and affects the body in a specific way.  Our unique experience working with golfers of all ages and abilities means that we are able to offer an unrivalled service to injured golfers.

Book a physio Initial Assessment now with either Neil or Pete to begin your road to recovery.



The game of golf has seen a seismic shift in how elite players prepare and maintain their bodies for competition.  Players now realise the importance of becoming more athletic and being able to create more power.  It has enabled players of all ages to hit the ball further and also extend their playing careers.  This is as applicable to the average golfer as it is for Tour Players.

Training for golf improves your capacity to generate increased clubhead speed, lower your risk of injury and facilitate increased play and practice.  Combined, this will improve the chances of playing at your best.  There are many different ways for us to train a golfer.  We can provide exercises to perform in your home with no equipment or we can provide a comprehensive gym program.  Thus appealing to golfers of all ages and levels.

Golf specific training is about being fit to play the game at your optimal level.  Due to the unique skillsets of Neil and Pete, we are ideally placed to maximise your bodies potential.  The use of the screening principles and technology mentioned above will optimise this process.


Pilates for Golf

We appreciate that not all golfers wish to train in a gym.  For this reason we offer a golf specific Pilates class run by a highly qualified instructor.  Pilates is well known for the way it targets the postural muscles, building strength from the inside out.  It will help to improve posture, helping you to achieve the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Pilates for golf will help you to optimise your performance and improve your game.

It will enable you to:

  • Become more body aware
  • Improve swing efficiency and consistency
  • Build core strength, enabling you to hit the ball further
  • Reduce the risk of injury, prolonging your golfing longevity
  • Improve your general health and wellbeing



Our state of the art gym will aid your rehabilitation back to your chosen sport/activity. Our Prestonfield clinic also contains a full range of gym equipment.