Bespoke assessment of your running needs including gait analysis, injury management, performance strength & conditioning for runners.



Running places high volumes of force through your lower limbs. Your ability (or capacity) to tolerate this force is determined by several factors. These include muscle strength and flexibility, tendon capacity, your training history and previous injury history. If you exceed your bodies capacity level, then you are likely to experience pain.

The aim of each of these sessions is to identify musculoskeletal risk factors that may limit your ability to run and then provide you with a management strategy to address these risk factors. Published research has also shown that increasing lower limb strength reduces your risk of running injury. Also, by improving your lower limb strength, your tissues and joints can improve their capacity which allows you to increase your running volume.

At Kinetic our team of highly experienced physios will look after any injured runners, ensuring we return you to running as quickly as possible while also implementing changes to prevent a recurrence of your injury.  We also provide a specialist performance service for runners via our specialist Strength & Conditioning Coach Jimmy Moran.

Jimmy’s specialist area is endurance sport, coaching distance runners, duathletes and triathletes.  He offers remote and in person coaching where he will build an individualised and scientifically backed training programme to help you achieve your goals.  Jimmy has completed over twelve sub 3 hr marathons, and like you, has to train around a busy work and family life.  He has expert knowledge in how to build sustainable training programmes to improve performance and can help athletes achieve performances they could only dream of.  Fill out the contact form or email him at Kinetic to arrange a no obligation call to discuss your goals and training needs.

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Runners profiling session – £100
This session includes a comprehensive assessment of all of the muscle groups and joints relevant to runners using our VALD technology (DynaMo). We will then provide you with a bespoke exercise program to address your musculoskeletal imbalances.


Treadmill Assessment

Available at: MORTONHALL

Biomechanical Treadmill assessment – £100

Improving your running biomechanics is proven to help overcome injury.  Our specialist coach Jimmy Moran will discuss your running history and perform a treadmill assessment with video analysis using state of the art biomechanical analysis software.  We will identify any areas for improving biomechanical efficiency and advise on implementing these changes.

He offers bundles to develop technique over a number of sessions.  These follow up sessions would involve active technical coaching, as well as addressing mobility and strength issues.  Before and after video assessment will be provided for comparison of technique over time.

More information can be found here: 

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Force Plates

Available at: MORTONHALL

Running profile with ForceDecks Assessment – £100
This session includes a running assessment and a comprehensive assessment of all of the muscle groups and joints relevant to runners using our VALD technology (ForceDecks and DynaMo). This assessment allows our physios to utilise the best available technology to obtain baseline measurements of your lower limb strength from which we would plan and implement a strength and conditioning program to improve your running performance.

To gain maximal benefit from each of these assessments, an individual would ideally not be injured or suffering from any type of musculoskeletal pain that is linked to running. This is due to the maximal nature of the testing involved.


For the Injured Runner


Are you are frustrated that pain is affecting your ability to run?

At Kinetic we have a team of highly skilled, experienced physiotherapists who have diagnosed and managed hundreds of running injuries from your novice runner to the elite athlete. Pain when you run is often not due to a specific structural problem. An area of pain often presents due to an overload of tissues. Our expert clinicians are able to accurately diagnose your problem and identify the structures at fault. They will then provide appropriate methods to efficiently reduce the level of your pain, provide an evidence-based approach to address the specific cause of your problem and return you to running as soon as possible. They will then provide you with the tools that should enable you to increase your running capacity to allow you to run further and longer whilst reducing the risk of injury re-occurrence.

Please book a Physio Initial Assessment to start your journey back to running.



There has been a recent recognition on the potential impact of strength and conditioning for runners. There is strong published evidence that the application of an appropriate strength and conditioning program can not only reduce the risk of injury but it can also help improve performance.  Quite simply, becoming stronger enables you to increase the volume and/or intensity of your training.

At Kinetic we have invested heavily in both our gym and VALD equipment. This ensures that we are in the perfect position to assess and test you to identify areas where improvements could be made. We are then able to use our gym to provide you with an appropriate program that will provide strength gains that can then lead to improvements in your running performance.




Our state of the art gym will aid your rehabilitation back to your chosen sport/activity. Our Prestonfield clinic also contains a full range of gym equipment.