Comprehensive, personalised athletic coaching for peak performance.


Available at: MORTONHALL

Are you looking to set a new PB or to take your athletic performance to the next level?

The science behind training is constantly evolving. We provide a professional level athlete profiling and coaching service. To optimise training, we need to carry out a series of tests to identify your current performance levels. We will measure your current capabilities, enabling us to set very specific training intensities to develop your performance. No more guesswork about what pace you should run, the power you should cycle at or the weight you should lift. We will tailor your entire training schedule and programming specifically to you. You will have all the information you need so that your training is fully optimised.

Read on for a summary of the testing and coaching available both onsite at Kinetic Mortonhall and offsite too.
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Athletic Profiling & Strength and Conditioning available onsite

Available at: MORTONHALL

1-2-1 Strength and Conditioning Coaching in a Private Gym (£70)
We will work to together to build a progressive programme to make you stronger and more powerful. You will be coached in all of the major lifts at a level appropriate to you. A major aim will be to improve your athleticism, quality of movement, keeping injury at bay.

Strength Training Tutorials (£70)
This sessions allows us to look in detail at the technique of major lifts, such as squat and deadlift variations. There is also the potential to learn Olympic lifts such as the clean, clean and jerk, and snatch. This session is designed to focus in detail on the technical aspects of major lifts so you can perform them safely, as well as improve performance.

Performance Testing and Athlete Profiling
Testing is an important part of the process for anyone trying to improve performance. All good training programmes must be specifically designed for the athlete. To do this we must measure current performance, and then analyse the data to develop an individualised and progressive training plan, gradually building a performance to be proud of.

  • HRMax Testing (£70) – to establish Training Zones. This allows the athlete to accurately set and distribute the intensity of training throughout the training week and wider programme.
  • Conconi Testing (£80) – to identify an accurate “Threshold”. A key intensity to be trained in endurance sport.
  • Strength and Power Testing (£100) – Using state of the art Vald Forcedecks we can safely assess your maximal strength, power and your muscle balance.
  • Movement Screening (£100) – we will assess your quality of movement and identify areas to develop to improve athleticism and reduce injury risk.

Biomechanical Running Analysis (£100)
Running Improvement Packages with Video Analysis ( 5 Sessions for £385).

  • We will discuss your running history and current experience when running.
  • Film your running technique.
  • Together we will analyse your technique in detail using state of the art video analysis software.
  • We will identify any areas for improving biomechanical efficiency.

Training Consultation (£100)
Although I offer full training programmes, many amateur athletes are self-coached. This offers the opportunity to discuss your goals, training frequency, duration and intensity in detail. I will ask for detailed information before the session so that I can analyse and advise when we meet. I will make a series of recommendations that I think can help you optimise your training and build performance.


Offsite Services provided by Jimmy

Endurance Programming (from £100/month)

  • Helping you prepare and optimise performance for race day (Option for 1-2-1 coaching available at Kinetic as part of the package).
  • I currently coach a wide range of endurance athletes ranging from 5km to marathon, as well as duathletes and triathletes from sprint distance to Ironman.
  • I will build a training programme based around your lifestyle and time available to train.
  • Programmes are totally individualised and flexible.
  • Programmes are set on the Final Surge platform, with session instructions, analysis and feedback for every session.
  • You have regular and ongoing access to me as your coach via Final Surge, WhatsApp or phone.

Field Based Performance Testing (from £70)

  • HRMax Testing in the field.
  • Power Profiling (Cycling) (from £100) – best done remotely so that athletes use their own bike, turbo trainers and power metres to increase accuracy and validity of data collected. Various power testing options are available. Please view my website and contact me for more information.
  • Critical Speed Testing (Running) (from £100) – there are a number of tests available to identify your current critical speed. Please view my website and contact me for more information.
  • Critical Swim Speed Testing (£50) – it is important for triathletes to measure their Critical Swim Speed. This is a measure we can then use in training to develop performance.

Athletic Profiling (£500)
Full athletic profiling take a deep dive into your goals, your training history, completing a full battery of performance tests, nutrition analysis and movement screening. The athlete will receive a detailed report on the findings and recommendations on how to develop their training.

1-2-1 Running/Cycling Coaching(£70)
For athletes that are on a full endurance programme there are packages available that include face to face coaching. The athlete can choose if these sessions are field based or using the private gym facility at Kinetic physio for running or strength coaching sessions.

Field Based Running Biomechanical Assessment and Coaching (from £100)

Contact to book an off site session.


Collaborative Expertise: Meet Our Extended Team of Specialists

I also work with a range of other coaches to offer you the highest quality service possible. These include the physios at Kinetic, Howard Hurst who is a top level sports nutritionist and Anne Ewing as a specialist swim coach. Please see my website for more details.

No question is too small. Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs by calling 07837011654 or email




Our state of the art gym will aid your rehabilitation back to your chosen sport/activity. Our Prestonfield clinic also contains a full range of gym equipment.