Physiotherapy and sports science research is now very clear: The stronger you are  =  the lower your chance of injury.


Available at: MORTONHALL

We know that you can often become pain free before the injured tissue has returned to it’s normal state.  For example, tendons are shown to require 9-12 months of training to fully recover. This allows the tendon to be able to withstand the demands placed on them.  If the tendon and the muscle are not fully strengthened then people often re-injure. This occurs when they next overdo things, whether that is running, sports, training or gardening.

For this reason, at Kinetic, we have a state of the art gym at our Mortonhall clinic. Prestonfield also contains a full range of gym equipment.  At either clinic we can provide a comprehensive training program and evaluate your technique.  You can then perform your program at your own gym. Alternatively, you have the option of using our Mortonhall gym on a monthly use basis.  This is a bespoke service where you will never have to queue for equipment.

Golfers looking to perform their training programs can use the Mortonhall gym on the same monthly use basis.  Please contact us for details.

For insurance reasons, unsupervised use of our gym can only be undertaken if completing an exercise program we have provided.

For those who do not wish to attend a gym, we will provide you with a suitable home based program.